It's a 13.3 mile hike to the chalets one way. In this same area, if you look above, roughly 2,000 feet or so below the top of the cliff face, you should be able to see Sperry Chalet for the first time. Your hike will being at the Sperry Trailhead adjacent to the Lake McDonald Lodge. trail status here. Challenging hike. Showing posts with label hike back from Sperry Chalet. Parking can be limited. Swan Mountain Outfitters provide daily horseback rides to Sperry Chalet. Hikers should veer left at this junction to continue on towards Sperry Chalet. stone cairns another 3/4 mile to the glacier overlook. All rights reserved. Sperry Chalet will return to full service in 2020. Both hikes will go through the 2017 burn area. Sperry Chalet's most popular side trip, this has been described as one of the most memorable ... My last morning at Sperry Chalet dawned much too soon--it was hard to believe two weeks had slipped by so quickly in these amazing surroundings, with such unique people! Once past the junction the trail travels downhill for a short distance before crossing over Snyder Creek at Crystal Ford. You'll enjoy even better views as you ascend the series of switchbacks above the falls. Waterfalls, wildlife sighting and wildflowers add to the trail’s appeal. Gunsight Pass from Sperry Chalet hiking trail near West Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT - Cross two passes and travel above the shores of Lake Ellen Wilson on this superb hike with unsurpassed views of Mount Jackson, Gunsight Mountain, Lake Ellen Wilson and Gunsight Lake. At roughly 5.75 miles hikers will arrive at a fork in the trail. At an elevation of more than 6550 feet, Sperry Chalet sits high atop a rock ledge that offers visitors commanding views of majestic mountain peaks, waterfalls, as well as Lake McDonald in the valley far below. AVERAGE HIKE TIME: 9 Hours. Sperry Chalet Trail ist ein 11.9 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Lake Mc Donald, Montana. For those visiting Sperry on a day hike you may want to note that the dining room is open to the public from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. For a very short time you'll follow Snyder Creek as it cascades down the valley directly below on your left. In my opinion, it’s still a very beautiful hike! To continue on towards the chalet you should turn right here. The hike to Sperry Chalet and Campground is one of the more popular backcountry hikes in Glacier National Park, and for good reason. Sperry Chalet was located about seven miles east of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana.The chalet was opened in 1914 by the Great Northern Railway and was a National Historic Landmark contributing property, being one of five structures in the Great Northern Railway Buildings National Historic Landmark. The trail to the left leads to Comeau Pass and the Sperry Glacier observation point, roughly 3.8 miles away. After a short time the trail leaves the Snyder Creek valley and begins ascending the Sprague Creek valley. Sperry Chalet is on the West Side of Glacier National Park. AVERAGE HIKE TIME: 3 Hours (one way). On the afternoon of August 31st a hot ember from the valley below entered the structure near a second story window. Glacier Basin is truly a magical place. Having a change of socks will help you. After following Sprague Creek for two miles the trail reaches an opening where you'll enjoy a great view of Beaver Medicine Falls, which plunges down a rock wall off to your right. Please read this Disclaimer / Privacy Policy LENGTH: 4 miles (one way). Shot on Canon T2i, … Show all posts. Sperry Chalet: 6580 Waterfalls fed by meltwater from snowfields spill down the basin’s rugged slopes and cliffs. Brown Trail is the Snyder Lake Trail junction, which also branches off to the left. Now listed as an Historic Landmark, the Sperry Chalet kitchen/dining chalet was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1913, while the dormitory was completed during the following year. While it is possible to get from Sperry Chalet, up to Sperry Glacier, and all the way back down to the road in a single day; it will be a long and challenging day. 1500 Foot climb. Comeau Pass: 7970 Above Crystal Ford you'll begin passing through several “dead zones” where the fire did some fairly significant damage, killing many of the trees surrounding the trail. On the evening of August 31, 2017, the Sprague Fire burned the dormitory building at the Sperry Chalet Complex. You can compare write-ups and photos of the two trails here: trail status here. To help alleviate parking congestion we encourage you to car pool or use public transportation for access to trailheads. Despite the damage, it really didn't impact the overall beauty of the scenery. a third of the way up. Be prepared for a strenuous hiking or horsback trip to reach the chalets. This basin is the source of the majority of the waterfalls that feed Avalanche Lake. Taking advantage of the cool morning air will make your hike more comfortable. if you want to take this trail earlier than mid-July. The east side of the pass Monday, May 29, 2017. if … Almost immediately the trail begins climbing, passing through an old growth forest of red cedar, western larch and hemlock along the lower elevations, to a dense spruce-fir forest as it ascends higher. Sperry Chalet was completed in 1913 for the Great Northern Railway as one of many grand hotels and chalets after Glacier National Park ... is about a 12-mile round-trip hike … Sperry Chalet. The main trail to Sperry Chalet starts in the beautiful cedar and hemlock forests of McDonald valley and the trail climbs to where the chalet sits near tree line. on the snow very perilous. It was originally built in 1913. Answer 1 of 12: Anyone interested in day hike round trip to Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park on Thurs, Fri or Sat, July 18th, 19th or 20th, 2013? In my opinion, it’s still a very beautiful hike. Bring plenty of water and stop to rest often. The blaze was ignited on August 10, 2017 when lightning struck along the north side of Sprague Creek, roughly three miles from the Lake McDonald Lodge. There's also a modern composting restroom facility located between these two buildings. The first stage is hike to the Sperry Chalet and spend the night, and the next morning head out early and hike the Sperry Glacier Trail for 2.5 miles to the Sperry Glacier. Their services are available for both overnight guests and day riders. Sperry Chalet is located in the west side of Glacier Park, with trail access points from Lake McDonald Lodge and Gunsight Pass Trail. Lake McDonald trailhead: 3214. Starting from Sperry Chalet you will climb above tree line and Copyright Mule train and helicopter flight activity may necessitate temporary closures of adjacent trails including the Gunsight Trail and the Sperry Chalet complex. Just across the footbridge is the Snyder Ridge Trail, which leads to Fish Lake. A collection of photos from the hike to remnants of the Sperry Chalet Dormitory and the Sprague fire a burn area on July 13, 2018. Trail Elevations (in feet): Although there isn't a sign indicating which way to proceed, hikers should veer right and cross the footbridge over Sprague Creek to continue on towards Sperry Chalet. Getting a late start is not an option. Multiple climbs totaling 3300 feet. before using any information on this site. The National Park Service considers it a strenuous hike. Whichever option you choose, you will be greatly rewarded. TRAILHEAD: Lake McDonald Lodge. Depending on where you like your blisters, horseback rides to Sperry Chalet are also available. In a very short distance, after passing the horse path, the trail becomes known as the Gunsight Pass Trail. It will be much colder and windier up at Sperry Glacier than at the chalet. Sperry Chalet Thursday morning, most of the group woke up and left at 5 to hike the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail, but I wasn’t feeling great and wanted to sleep in a bit. This is not a good hike for beginning hikers or the out of shape, At roughly three-quarters of a mile from the trailhead hikers will begin noticing a few burn spots from the Sprague Fire. Trails are for hikers and horseback riders only; no bikes or other 'vehicles' are allowed. The Sperry Action Fund was established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to work at the chalet. Be ready to break a sweat, the hike is strenuous and nearly entirely uphill, but any reasonably fit person can complete it feeling a good sense of accomplishment. Jeff If you are not sure if you are up for this route, try going into Sperry Chalet on the Sperry Trail. well-practiced self-arrest skills, and experienced hiking partners are strongly recommended The main trail to Sperry Chalet starts in the beautiful cedar and hemlock forests of McDonald valley and the trail climbs to where the chalet sits near tree line. Sperry Chalet, West Glacier, MT. Gunsight Pass typically remains snow covered until late July. Many of our guests prefer to stay at Sperry Chalet for two nights in order to explore Sperry Glacier at a more leisurely pace. The stone stairway at Comeau Pass will take you Phone: 406.888.5756 Email: From the junction the trail begins climbing again. has very dangerous exposure (steep snow fields that run off cliffs) making a simple slip During the two-month blaze the wildfire burned 16,982 acres, and destroyed the interior of the historic Sperry Chalet dormitory. Nevertheless, the hike is gorgeous. TRAILHEAD: Jackson Glacier Overlook on Going-to-the-Sun Road. Close up look at Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park on a rest day, September 2010. Three miles further up trail, at Lake Ellen Wilson, is another campground containing four sites. Detailed Glacier National Park trail description. As you get moving on the hike, you'll pass the Sperry Chalet. You will miss dinner at the chalet. He also oversaw the construction of the trail that provided access to the glacier from the Lake McDonald Lodge. There are two options for overnight stays at Sperry The chalet is only two-tenths of a mile from this junction. The hike is approximately 6.5 miles each way with over 3400 feet in elevation gain. Many hikers and horses will be sharing this heavily used segment of the trail as they head up to Sperry Chalet and other destinations in the area. The weather was perfect for us as we headed up. The mule train arrived mid-morning right on schedule, bringing up the supplies. Unfortunately the trail doesn’t approach the waterfall for an up-close view. Situated on an alpine ledge overlooking Lake McDonald and the Whitefish Range. Sperry Chalet continues to provide hearty food and comfortable lodging in the same rustic style as the earliest visitors enjoyed. Your hike will being at the Sperry Trailhead adjacent to the Lake McDonald Lodge. It joins the thru route at the historic Sperry Chalet, where it climbs 4 miles and ~1,600 vertical feet to the glacier. My new book on the history of hiking has much more information about trail development in Glacier, as well as other anecdotal stories from the early years of the park. Sperry Glacier starts from near Sperry Chalet and has nothing to do with the arrival or departure hikes. TRAILHEAD: Sperry Chalet There are spur trails that go to Mt Brown Lookout, Snyder Lakes, and Fish Lake about Start early. Check out the hiking websites including the NPS website for hike … Sperry Chalet. Jackson Glacier Overlook: 5252. To inquire about reservations this coming December, please visit the chalet website. Get up close and personal with one of our last remaining glaciers, Sperry! LENGTH: 6.7 miles, 3300 foot climb. continental divide. If your preference is to sleep under the stars, backpackers have a couple of options in the area. If 17.5 miles seems a little long for a day hike, you can look into staying over at the Sperry Chalet (reservations required). Sperry's motivation for building the trail came from his thought that by providing access to the most beautiful portions of Glacier's backcountry, more people would have the opportunity to see the wonders of the area, and thus increase the probability of preserving it as a national park. While most people will visit Sperry Glacier as part of an overnight stay, it can be done in one long day trip as well. Use cookies to bribe and encourage your small children up the trail. As you get moving on the hike, you'll pass the Sperry Chalet. Hikers should note that park crews have cleared thousands of trees that had fallen on trails throughout the burn area. Day hikes from this spot are plenty and spectacular. Despite a dedicated group of firefighters on the site, specifically working to protect the chalet complex, the ember ignited the wooden portion of the structure and proceeded to burn the entire interior of the building. As it happened, Sperry Chalet had one opening on Friday night, and we jumped on it. Music - Vous et Moi by Willie Nelson. In this same vicinity you'll enter the outskirts of a beautiful sub-alpine meadow known as Glacier Basin. Follow the For the advanced and ambitious hiker, this all day adventure will take you through forest Enjoy one of several day hike destinations from the chalet, keeping watch for wildlife such as mountain goats. Hikers will have already climbed more than 900 feet upon reaching the Mt. You may also want to keep an eye out for the mountain goats that are often seen wandering around in this vicinity. Dr. Sperry's trail, constructed in 1902 and 1903 by college boys from Minnesota, was likely the first organized trail-building effort in the park. @ document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Er führt entlang eines Sees, durch schönen Wald und Surrounded by craggy peaks, cascading waterfalls and up and down vistas it is an area full of alpine nooks and crannies waiting to be explored by those who like to relax and enjoy "away from it all". Sperry Chalet to reopen after being gutted in 2017 fireThe Sperry Chalet at Glacier National Park has undergone two years of reconstruction and is finally complete for the reopening on July 18. Sperry was the leader of the first party to reach the glacier in 1895. LENGTH: 6.7 miles, 3300 foot climb. In a very short distance, after passing the horse path, the trail becomes known as the Gunsight Pass Trail. If you feel good about that hike and are ready for a greater challenge, use the Gunsight Pass Trail when you depart. Observe the effects of the 2017 Sprague fire through most of the hike with new growth, ample wildflowers, and a forest reborn. Be sure to read the signs and stay on the correct path. The Park Service posts updates about It would be done on the middle day. Moderate but sustained elevation gain through shady forest gets you to incredible overlooks and a campground on the rim of a mountainside. Sperry Chalet/Glacier – 18.6mi / 29.9km. Lincoln Pass: 7040 1.1K likes. Look closely and you'll see at least five waterfalls cascading hundreds of feet down the cliff walls around you. Sperry Glacier We STRONGLY recommend you hike to the famous Sperry Glacier via the Sperry Glacier Trail the following morning if you're in good physical condition! The corral is near the trailhead at Lake McDonald Lodge. They offer a lunch menu that includes soups, sandwiches and snacks. Gunsight Pass: 6946 Don't stop there; you can't see Sperry Glacier yet. Gunsight Lake or the shelter cabin at Gunsight Pass make great spots for picnic lunches. We took a 2019 hike to Sperry Chalet to check in on the rebuild. The bridge at Crystal Ford (about a third of the way up) makes a great place for a rest and photography break on the way up, and an excellent spot to cool your feet and have lunch on the way down. It got a little warm, but I’ll take sunshine over rain any day. Sperry Chalet, which is on the Gunsight Pass trail, hike from East to West is rated moderately strenous. During our most recent hike to the chalet, in September of 2019, we had a birds-eye view of several helicopter runs as they transported and removed materials for workers as they prepared to put the finishing touches on the project. For more information, and to make a reservation, please click here. If you’re not staying at the chalet, it does make for a significantly more aggressive day hike, at just over 19 miles and 5,500 feet of elevation gain from Lake McDonald Lodge. Sperry Glacier is a mass of ice that sits in a basin with blue-green pools below. Be prepared to get your feet wet in the waterfall crossing at the head of Lake Ellen Wilson. spectacular scenery and vistas. LENGTH: 13.5 miles. TRAILHEAD: Lake McDonald Lodge. Historic backcountry hotel and dining room reached only by trail. Editor's Note: This property is currently undergoing renovations. Belton Train Station 12544 US-2 West Glacier, MT 59936 . You will find the chalet on the west side of Gunsight mountain. So Sandy and I headed to McDonald Lodge a little later in the morning to hike to Sperry Chalet. Fortunately, national park officials immediately made the decision to rebuild the chalet. Roughly two-tenths of a mile later you'll reach another trail junction. As a result, some of these trails will have limited shade in some areas. For more information on the hike to Sperry Chalet, please click here. For more information on the history of the chalet you can visit the National Park Lodge Architecture Society website. The National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map. Near the Chalet is a backcountry campground with four individual campsites. hike past gorgeous waterfalls, lakes and streams. Bring a warm layer of clothing with you and don't get caught without your rain gear. Sperry Chalet opened to the public this year on July 10th, but Kathie and her crew who run the chalet opened it one night earlier to help us raise money for the Glacier National Park Conservancy.. For dinner or breakfast, reservations are required, and can be made by calling the reservation office at 1-888-345-2649. and magnificent hikes in the park. In October of 2019, roughly two years after the fire was contained, reconstruction of the interior and the roof was completed. The hike to the chalet is 6.5 miles - all uphill, with an elevation gain of 3500 feet. The hike up to Sperry Chalet has some nice views near the end, but it's not really known for the views - you would have to go farther, to Sperry Glacier (not accessible yet) or Lincoln Pass. The hike to the Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park begins from the Sperry Trailhead, located across the road from the Lake McDonald Lodge. ... either hike in or arrive on horseback. The Park Service posts updates about The hike to the Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park begins from the Sperry Trailhead, located across the road from the Lake McDonald Lodge. Both the chalet and glacier were named for Dr. Lyman B. Sperry of Oberlin College, who scouted for "scenic attractions" on behalf of the Great Northern Railway. What to Expect. Ice axes, but if you are up for it you will be rewarded with a wide variety of Glacier National Parks The main trail beginning at Lake McDonald Lodge. Brown Trail junction, located roughly 1.6 miles from the trailhead. As mentioned above, the historic stone dormitory was tragically lost during the Sprague Fire. AVERAGE HIKE TIME: 4.5 hours. This is an excellent route if you are combining a stay at Sperry Chalet with your. Why Hike Sperry Chalet. AVERAGE HIKE TIME: 4.5 hours. After a good nights sleep at the Sperry Chalet, the next morning we strongly suggest that you take the amazing hike 2.5 miles up to the Sperry Headwall (Comeau Pass) and then on to the great Sperry Glacier (additional 1 mile). Join a 3 day hut hike to historic Sperry Chalet in Glacier Park. The two main buildings at Sperry consist of a two story dormitory and a kitchen/dining room. The basin’s emerald green meadows are surrounded by a rugged cirque anchored by Edwards Mountain, Peak 9,258 and Lincoln Peak. We got the reservation and, after making our preparations on Thursday, headed up the Sperry Trail from Lake McDonald Lodge on Friday morning. to even more breathtaking vistas. If you encounter a string of horses or pack animals on the trail, trail etiquette calls for hikers to step off the trail on the downhill side to let them pass. Please check trail conditions before you get started. One-tenth of a mile past the Mt. The elevation gained from the Chalet is 1,600 vertical feet. You will want your camera with you, and extra batteries are a good idea. The Sperry Trail. walks, alpine climbs, beautiful lakes, streams, cascading waterfalls, and across the