Sources of Power dissipation: Basic Soil Mechanics: Basic soil properties, correlation between engineering parameters, geotechnical investigation, bore log,Pile foundation: Jacket main piles, skirt piles, Odd-Even Merging Network - Mesh Connected Computer - Lexicographic Combination - k th Element (EREW model) - k th Smallest Element in X+Y (CREW algorithm) - Bitonic merge - Me, Contents: Digital Design Process Physics of Welding Arc : Welding arc; voltage distrib, Basic concepts in microscopy - Dark-field and phase contrast microscopy - Differential interference contrast and polarization - Fluorescence and confocal microscopy - Transmis, Contents: Derivative of a funct, Contents: INTRODUCTION: Mathematical Modeling : Development of mathematical models,Modeling considerations for control purposes. Discrete Time Signal and System - Frequency Domain Representation of Discrete Signals - Z-Transform - Solution of Difference Equation - Relation Between Discrete Ti, Introduction to Vector - Coulomb's Law - Electric Field - Electro Static Potential - The Gradient - Gauss's Law - Poisson's Equation - Energy in the Field - Example Problems i, Introduction, Embedded Hardware, PIC: Instruction Set, ARM Processor, Digital Signal Processors, System On Chip (SOC), Memory Organization, Virtual Memory and Memory Managemen, Fundamentals Of Energy, Fossil Fuels, Energy Economics, Thermal Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power, Nuclear Fusion Reactors, Solar Thermal Energy Conversion, Photovoltaic Power, Contents: NPTEL Online Certification Courses Since 2013, through an online portal, 4-, 8-, or 12-week online courses, typically on topics relevant to students in all years of higher education along with basic core courses in sciences and humanities with exposure to relevant tools and technologies, are being offered. enhance skills that meet your need online. Click here for a list of NPTEL Online Courses For AICTE FDP, Jan - Apr 2019. from Coursera, edx, MIT, Stanford, Harvard University and NPTEL (IITs). The overall system of nptel is really good. NPTEL’s main goal or aim is to provide a number of online courses in Engineering and core sciences discipline. New CAD tools About us; Courses; Contact us; Courses; Metallurgy and Material Science; Principles of Physical Metallurgy (Web) Syllabus; Co-ordinated by : IIT Kharagpur; Available from : 2015-03-16. E, Contents: Each and every chapters is prepared by best of IITIans in order IT services facility, Call our career Now, it's the time to apply for it. Understanding Creativity :The concept of creativity has been debated and discussed through number of critical positions. Introduction : Types of dynamic loads - Basic background of methods available and motivation for structural dynamics. Cont./discrete vs analog/digital. Loading... Save. The course introduces the variety of concepts in the field of artificial intelligence. study, write an exam and get a certificate from the IITs! All rights reserved @ 2019, Contents: Merge sort And Quick sort Introduction : Glimpses of Microsystems; scaling effects - Smart materials and systems: an overview - Microsensors: some examples - Microactuators: some examples -, Introduction to Turbomachineries:Axial flow compressors and Fans : Introduction - A simple two dimensional analytical model - 2-D Losses in axial flow compressor stage - Prof, Contents: NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. to ensure you will get everything at one place. Currents in forward and reverse biased j, Review of Basic Organization and Architectural Techniques: Introduction&Some Definitions - First Law of Thermodynamics(Closed System) - Second Law of Thermodynamics - Property of Pure Substance, Steam Table - Ideal Gas Laws, Contents: Propositional Logic : Syntax, Unique parsing, Semantics, Equivalences, Consequences, Calculations, Informal proofs. The study will also lead to understand the diff, Motivation and real life examples:An introduction about differential equations and why this course - Present various examples like population growth, spring-mass-dashpot syste, Introduction to Instability and Transition - Computing Transitional and Turbulent Flows - Fluid Dynamical Equations - Some Equilibrium Solutions of the Basic Equation - Bound, Overview - What is bioelectricity - Historical perspective - Examples in nature - Bioelectrical phenomenon in mammals, insects, and fishes : Bioelectric potentials - Ion chann. from Coursera, edx, MIT, Stanford, Harvard University and NPTEL (IITs). Loads on buildings as per IS 875, IS 1893 and NBC. NPTEL Courses in Engineering, Science, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences. The Nptel Online courses for Computer Science also contains assignments that you need to solve to get a better understanding. What is game theory? NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. Eng, Contents: Overview of Pattern classification and regression : Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition - Overview of Pattern Classifiers Preliminary Concepts Introduction to Power System Stability Problem India's No.1 Platform for Online Learning, Served more than 1.1 lakh Premium Users, Unique platform for students in higher education in India Sometimes, they also offer certification for the old courses. Industrial Engineering. With increasing technical and economic ties between India and Japan, Introduction, Amdahl's law, CPI equation - CPI equation, research practices, instruction set architecture - Instruction set architecture, case study with MIPS-I - Case study w, The course objective is that the student should be able to explain the need of switching networks. The Transcendent Mind : Revising the traditional notion of Consciousness - The nature of soul in Plato and Aristotle - Cartesian Dualism: res cogitans vs. res exten, Quantum Mechanics and the Symmetry of the hydrogen atom - Complete set of observables for the non-relativistic Hydrogen atom - radial and angular wavefunctions; Complete set o, REVIEW OF SET THEORY : Operations on sets, family of sets, indexing set, functions, axiom of choice, relations, equivalence relation, partial order, total order, maximal eleme, Contents: Functions : Introduce the idea of functions using examples from Biology. Basic Fluid Mechanics : Conservation of mass and momentum, Euler Equation, Bernoullis equation, potential flow, stream function. He has prepared four online Video Courses under NPTEL program. Origin and development It includes undergraduate and postgraduate courses to help learners learn in their space with downloadable resources. He should be able to explain the mechanism of manual telephony, basic compon, Introduction to the course; Current and Voltage; Kirchhoff's Current and Voltage laws - Electrical circuit elements: Voltage and current sources; R, C, L, M - Elements in se, Basics of magnetic circuits - Analysis of magnetic circuits with airgap and permanent magnets - Analysis of singly excited electromechanical system with linear magnetics - Non, Regular languages:Introduction: Scope of study as limits to compubality and tractability - Why it suffices to consider only decision problems, equivalently, set membership pro, Introduction and mathematical preliminaries:What is Pattern recognition; Applications and Examples - Clustering vs. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Review of Semiconductor Device Physics : Energy bands in solids, the E-k diagram, Density of states, Occupation probability, Fermi level and quasi Fermi levels, p-n, Contents: introduction - Propositional Logic Syntax - Semantics of Propositional Logic - Logical and Algebraic Concepts - Identities and Normal forms - Tautology Checking-Pro, Introduction to BioMEMS and Microsystems technology : Biochips/ biosensors and introduction to device fabrication, Introduction to Cell biology,DNA & Protein chemistry, Microf, Contents: Your favorite courses available for certification! Impact of IS on Management Analysis of Equilibrium Introduction to design and specifically system design. Electric Energy Systems, Hydroelectric Power Generation, Non Conventional Energy Sources, Renewable Energy, HVDC, Newton Raphson Method, Introduction, Single Line Diagram, Transmission Line Parameters, Transmission Line Capacitance, Transformer Model, Sequence Networks, Power Flow, Fault Analysis, Bus Impedance, Basic of non-linear finite element analysis - Heat transfer problem - Incremental-iterative approach - Incremental procedure - Simple non-linear problem - Stress update algori, Stress and strains in 3d - straction vector - planes of maximum shear stress - tensosrs - hydrostatic&deviatoric stress - relative displacement&rotation tensors-equilibrium eq, Introduction - intial value problems of mathematical physics - element calculation-post process - advantages&problems - weighted residual approach - petrov-galerkin-p 2 gradua, Computational methods in design and manufacturing - Application of finite element analysis - Basis of finite element analysis - Stiffness Matrix - Surface forces and Body forc, Contents: Introduction & Development of Jet Aircraft Propulsion - How the Aircraft Jet Engines make Thrust - Jet Engine Basic Performance Parameters - Turbojet, Reheat Turboj, Algebra of Sets: sets and classes, limit of a sequence of sets, rings, sigma-rings, fields, sigma-fields, monotone classes. Linear Algebra : Review: Groups, Fields, & Matrices - Vector Spaces, Subspaces, Linearly dependent / independent of vectors - Basis, Dimension, Rank and Matrix Inve, Introduction to process fluid mechanics; Dimensions and units; SI units - Fundamental concepts: Definition of a fluid; Continuum hypothesis; Velocity field;Stress field; Newto, Contents: Central Force Motion : Two Body Problem Equation of Relative Motion,Integrals of the Tw, Contents: Introduction To Internet - Review Of Network Technologies - TCP/IP -IP Sub netting and Addressing - Internet Routing Protocol - Client Server Concepts DNS,Tel net,F, Contents: Toggle navigation . This Nptel Machine Learning course has a complete introduction to what the bandit algorithm is and all its technicalities and concepts have been explained in detail. With these 19 best NPTEL courses, you will be surely benefited to the core. Functional requirements of buildings and necessity of byelaws,Role of mater. History of Dyestuff - Light colour and different dyestuffs - Classification of Natural dyes � By structure and by color - Relation between Color and constitution -, Negative feedback systems and stability : Negative feedback amplifier using an integrator, Frequency and time domain behavior, Loop gain and its implications; Negative feedbac. This means it should be able to arrive at decisions that transform a given situat, Background - Introduction to multivariate statistical modeling : Basic univariate statistics - Univariate descriptive statistics - Sampling distribution - Estimation - Hypothe. Classification of Patterning Techniques: Top Down, Bottom up, com, Contents: It connects the distribution of prime numbers with zeroes of Zeta function, defined on t, Introduction to Microfluidics - Microfluidics: Some More Application Examples - Equations of Conservation - Navier Stokes Equation - Energy Equation and Species Conservation E, Introduction and overview - Random Variables - Discrete Probability Distributions - Example Problems - Continuous Probability Distributions - Normal and Log Normal Probability, Introduction and scope - Fixed type structures - Compliant type structures - New generation marine structures - Environmental loads - Ultimate load design principles - Ultimat, Basic Concepts: Review of free and forced vibrations with and without damping; Free and forced vibration of single, two and multi-degree of freedom systems with and without vi, Pulp and Paper: Raw materials, pulping processes, recovery of chemicals, stock preparation and paper making - Coal Chemicals: Various processes for obtaining coal chemicals, c, The course has been designed to be offered as an elective to final year under graduate students mainly from Electrical Sciences background. Introduction : oxide and non-oxide ceramics, their chemical formulae, crystal and defect structures, non-stoichiometry and typical properties - Powder Preparation: Contents: Euler-Lagrange equations. Introduction : Scope and objective; Nature and types of dynamic loading; Importance of soil dynamics Introduction To Internet - Review Of Network Technologies -TCP/IP-IP Subnetting and Addressing -Internet Routing Protocol - Client Server Concepts DNS,Telnet,Ftp, Contents: Defination - performance measures - different bio metric systems - applications - issues - system security - system errors&myths - selection of bio metric systems -, Aircraft and Aerodynamic Forces and Moments - Fluids and Forces in Fluids - Forces in Fluids-Kinematics of fluid motion - Kinematics of fluid motion - Velocity with specified, Contents: NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is an initiative by Indian Govt in association with all the Indian Institute of Technology institutes. Junction properties: contact potential, junction capacitance. you will get to know about the latest news about IIT JEE. Compiler Design by Prof.Y.N.Srikant. � Forms of precipitation, measurement, depth-area-duration and intensity NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams.Nptel is a joint initiative from IITs and IISc to offer online courses & certification. Basic Nuclear Constit. Prof. Biswas is a Senior Member of the IEEE. Sign in to YouTube. We are continuously working to make your study more easy and So we can say this Nptel online course for computer science is a very proficient way to understand computer architecture. Introduction to three modes of heat transfer- conduction, convection and radiation. Free NPTEL Online Courses, MOOC Courses with video tutorials, assignments. The courses are organized by NPTEL and the curriculum is released by NPTEL on the official website. please upload.. sir, please would you like me to give design of worm and worm gears box video, i want to get gate lectures or civil engineering ples tel me website. Conjugate Momentum and Quantization. These are youtube videos, you can use any plugins to download them from the link provided above. This course covers the basic principles of stability, starting from the Archimedes pr, Basic mathematical preliminaries:Dirac Delta function and Fourier Transforms. It aims to make participants familiar with some major inter, Contents: Rigid Body Motion, Eulers Equation of Motion, Gyroscopic Action in Machines, Rotary Balancing, Single-Cylinder Engine Balancing, Flywheel Analysis, Equivalent viscous damping, Introduction to Linear Programming Formulations - Linear Programming Solutions - Graphical Methods,Simplex Algorithm - Simplex Algorithm -Minimization Problems,Initialization. - Silicon MEMS examples - Examples of Microsystems in Biology - Bio, Preliminaries : Set Theory - Real Analysis basics - Cardinality and Countability,Probability Measures : Probability Spaces - Properties of Probability Measures - Discrete Prob, Overview of Nanostructures and Nanomaterials: classification - Crystalline nanomaterials and defects therein. Words and, Transformer and D.C rotating machine will be the main topics to be discussed in this course. The objective of this course is to present a comprehensive tools and techniques for managerial decision making including problem of cost estimation, market size determination, This course is designed to familiarize the students with various instrumental methods of chemical analysis that scientists and engineers come across during their course work a, Equations of Motion. NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. Single-DOF Free Vibrations: Contents: It draws the connection between compressible flow and spee, Evolution of HVDC Transmission-Comparison of HVAC and HVDC systems-Type of HVDC Transmission systems-Components of HVDC transmission systems - Analysis of simple rectifier cir, Introduction, problem of brachistochrone, problem of geodesics, isoperimetric problem,Variation and its properties, functions and functionals, Comparison between the notion of, Contents: Computational Fluid Dynamics: What, When, and Why?, CFD Applications, Numeri, ntroduction, Relationship between energy balance, energy conservation and environment; Dimensions, units and conversion factors; Stoichiometry; Principles of calculations; Sam, This course proposes to discuss the relationship between social processes and demographic transition in India. online video classes for students one of the best website for,mca,betech,mtech all the students classes. NPTEL provides course-ware in the form of video lectures and web courses. MOS Transistor structure and device modeling Behavioral Representation Onto, into, one to one function, completeness of space Strategic Games and Nash Equilibrium : Strategic g, Generalized theory and Kron�s primitive machine model - Modeling of dc machines - Modeling of induction machine - Modeling of synchronous machine - Reference frame theory and, Contents: The domain and range variables, continuous and d, Introduction to digital system - Number Systems - Complement Numbers - Complement Subtraction and codes - Review of First Four Lectures and Introduction to logic Gates - Basic, Pigeon hole Principle - Elementary Concepts - Elementary concepts and basic counting principles - Elementary concepts; Binomial theorem; Bijective proofs - Properties of binom, Introductory - Mathematics in the Vedas and Sulva Sutras - Panini - Pingala - Mathematics in the Jaina Texts - Development of Place Value System - Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata - A, Symmetry and Physical Properties of Crystals Point groups, Bravais lattices, Space groups, Neumann�s Principle and tensor properties of crystalline solids, elements of group, Theorems of Rouche and Hurwitz:Fundamental Theorems Connected with Zeros of Analytic Functions - The Argument (Counting) Principle, Rouche's Theorem and The Fundamental Theore, Vectors and Elementary linear algebra - Linear vector space and matrices - Determinants, trace and special matrices - Linear first order differential equations - First and sec, Structure of present day electronic products - Analog signal conditioning and processing functions in instrumentation and control and communication - One-port networks for ana, Introduction to CAD tools and Technology and modern network synthesis theory - Ultra Dynamic Voltage Scaling : Error Resiliency, Power dissipation and Reliability - Design of, Theorems of Picard, Casorati-Weierstrass and Riemann on Removable Singularities:Properties of the Image of an Analytic Function:Introduction to the Picard Theorems,Recalling S, Introduction:Course mechanics - Goals and VR definitions - Historical perspective - Birds-eye view (general) - Birds-eye view (hardware) - Birds-eye view (software) - Birds-ey, Introduction to the course: Relevance of advanced characterization to materials development, scientific understanding of phenomena in materials technology - Advanced Diffracti, CMOS VLSI Design for Power and Speed consideration :Historical Perspective and Future Trends in CMOS VLSI Circuit and System Design - Logical Effort - A way of Designing Fast, Introduction to Ethical Theories:Consequentialist and Non-consequentialist theories - Hedonism - Utilitarianism - Deontological theories (with reference to Immanuel Kant) - Et, Introduction Micro to Nano A Journey into Intergrated Circuit Technology - Crystal Properties and Silico Growth - IC Fab Labs and Fabrication of IC - Diffusion - Solid State D, Probability and statistics: Joint and conditional probabilities and densities. is Design of machine elements II available?.. Introduction to project finance - Uses of project finance - Motivations for using project finance - Unique features of infrastructure projects - Essential elements, Contents: Please let me know the particulars, sir i need electrical machines video lectures, Please provide piping stress anlysis(static and dynamic) video, sir please provide high voltage engineering for electrical, sir could you please provide power system protection related videos, Sir could you provide a autocad for civil engineering. Introduction, radiation from a black body: About us; Courses; Contact us; Courses; Computer Science and Engineering; NOC:Programming in Java (Video) Syllabus; Co-ordinated by : IIT Kharagpur; Available from : 2018-11-26; Lec : 1; Modules / Lectures. Introduction : Optimization, Types of Problems and Algorithms NPTEL began offering open online courses in March 2014 along with certificates from the IITs/IISc for those who completed the courses successfully. Contents: Set-2: Courses start on 25 th Feb 2019 (Enrolment closed) Exam dates: 31-March (83 courses); 27-April (102 courses) and 28-April (106 courses) Click here for a list of ongoing courses, including course-start and exam dates. The historically contextualized definitions, Contents: This article contains a list of top 9 NPTEL Machine Learning online courses, MOOCs, classes, and specialization for the year 2020 by NPTEL. Basics : First, second and third laws of thermodynamics, Maxwell's relations, Clausius-Clayperon equation. Case Study - Group Presentation on Case He has supervised 12 doctoral students, and published more than 100 research papers in various international and national journals and conference proceedings in these areas. An, Design of reinforced concrete structures is an introductory design course in civil engineering. Contents: Lecture Series on Fundamentals of Environmental Pollution and Control by Prof. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Introduction : Role of Probability in Civil Engineering Problems; Examples. - Review of basic concepts With all these modules, your knowledge of electrical engineering is going to improve by leaps and bounds. Scheduling Real-Time Tasks: Types of Schedul, The objective of this course is to learn how to improve the quality of the programs that you write for execution on high performance computer systems. Metocean Engineering � wind, wave and current loads on off, Introduction and Basic Concepts : Concept of watershed, introduction to watershed management, different stakeholders and their relative importance, watershed management polici, Forecasting : Need for forecasting,Quantitative methods - Facility layout and location : Qualitative aspects,Quantitative models for layout decisions,Product, process fixed po, Contents: Data Science - Nptel Course Hans Schenker bei Google; 47 videos; 139,669 views; Last updated on Aug 27, 2015; Play all Share. All these courses are available in video format and web format. Environmental Systems: Source, Pollutant Transport and Impact on Receptor Introduction and Historical Background - VLSI Classification - Review of Bipolar & MOS Transistor Structure - Isolation Techniques in Advanced VLSI - Bipolar IC Fab, Contents: NPTEL is the largest online repository in the world for courses. Bayesian decision making and, Contents: Motivations for studying quantum mechanics - Basic principles of quantum mechanics,Probabilities and probability amplitudes - Linear vector spaces , bra and ket vec, concenpts : Compressibility - Thermodynamic concepts - Conservation equations - Communicatio in gases - Stagnation state - One Dimensional Flow : Pressure waves in gases - Com, chromatographic techniques : such as gaschromatography (GC) with all the types of detectors�electron capture (ECD), flame ionization (FID), thermal couple (TCD), Nitrogen-Phos, Contents: Velocity of molecular motors as a function of ATP concentration An overview of optimization problem, some examples of optimum design problem - Concepts and terms related to optimization problem, necessary and sufficient conditio, Introduction - Aero elastic Problems - Deformation of Structures and Influence Coefficients - Energy Method - Classification and Solution of Aero elastic Problems - Static Aer, Contents: Transfer function models of mechanical, electrical, thermal and hydraulic systems. Rapid Solidification Processing What is the physics behind these properties? Introduction - Overview on Modern Cryptography - Introduction to Number Theory - Probability and Information Theory - Classical Cryptosystems-Cryptanalysis of Class. Process selection, synthesis and analysis : Aspects of process design, pre-project objectives, project classification, hierarchical approach to process design. The Nptel Online courses for Computer Science also contains assignments that you need to solve to get a better understanding. Topics covered include linear block codes, cyclic codes (BCH and RS codes), convolutio, This course covers the analysis and design of CMOS Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters,with about 7 design assigments. Structure of Materials Introduction to different types of ocean structures - Development of structural forms for deep and ultra-deep waters - Environmental forces - structural action of o, Contents: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Intelligent Agents - State Space Search - Uninformed Search - Informed Search - Two Players Games - Constraint Satisfactio, Contents: Here is the link Harsh Raj's answer to How can we get certificate in NPTEL? Polynomial and piecewisepolynomial Interpolation : Divided Difference, Lagrange and Newton Form,Osculatory Interpolation. Contents: INTRODUCTION : Defining Tribology,Tribology in Design - Mechanical design of oil seals and gasket - Tribological design of oil seals and gasket,Tribology in Industr, Contents: NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. welcome to swayam-nptel. Toggle navigation. Spectacular failures that triggered the birth of fracture mechanics, Modes of loading, Classification as, This is the first course for Naval Architecture students in 'Hydrostatics and Stability'. Membrane based separation processes; fundamentals and various terms; classifications; Design aspect, This course assumes that the students have undergone UG courses in Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics and are familiar with the use of, Contents: In this video, Alistair and his son Murray show us how to adjust glasses using a hairdryer. Learning Organiza, Nature and Scope of HRM - Analysing and Designing Job - Human Resource Planning - Recruitment and Selection - Performance Evaluation and Appraisal - Training and Development -, Introduction - Motivation - Management - Work Ethics - Comparison Between Theories - Job Enrichment - Team Building and Participation - Other Leadership Styles - Empowerment, Contents: Solution of Switching Equation Know all about registration dates, course curriculum, and other details here. Amino Acids - Protein Structure - Enzymes - Enzyme Mechanisms - Myoglobin and Hemoglobin - Lipids and Membranes - Membrane Transport - Carbohydrates - Vitamins and, What is Discrete Mathematics - Propositional Logic - Predicates & Quantifiers - Logical Inference - Resolution Principles & Application to PROLOG - Methods of Proof- Normal Fo, Introduction to Basic Concepts - Requirements of High Speed Devices, Circuits & Mat - Classifications & Properties of Compound Semicond - Temary Compound Semiconductor and the, Introduction to Pointers - Programing Basics - Pointers And Arrays - Functions and Argument Passing - Representation of Numbers - Numerical Error- Error Propagation and Stabil, Contents: Neutral Scalar Field. System, Semiconductors, PN Junction Diodes, BJT, Schottky Transistor, Standard TTL Circuits, ECL Basic Operation, Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor, ECL, nMOS Logic Circuits, CMOS Inv, Contents: T, Real-time systems are finding increasing use. Lec : 1; Modules / Lectures . Interpretation of Newton�s 3rd Law as �conservation of momentum� and its determination from translational, This course explores the various nonlinear optical phenomena and the quantum nature of light. Introduction and Fundamental Concepts - Zeroth Law and Fundamental Concepts - Different Kind of Energy and First Low-I - First Low-Second Law and Its Corollaries -, Contents: Proc, Contents: i need the lecture on lab view. interesting . Fundamental of Biology & Biotechnology - Glimpses of Microbial World - Bacteria - Virus and Cell Organelles - Carbohydrate - Nucleic Acid - Lipids--Proteins - Bioch, Materials display properties. Intro, Contents: Toggle navigation. Dynamic Behavior of Ch, Solution of Systems of Linear Equations:Introduction - Basic Ideas of Applied Linear Algebra - Systems of Linear Equations - Square Non-Singular Systems - Ill-Conditioned and, Contents: Japanese Language has been taught as part of the Foreign Language Programme at IIT Kanpur since July 1995. Introduction - ideal and viscous incompressible fluid; Kinematics of fluid; Lagrangian and Eulerian methods of description, velocity, acceleration, streamlines, pat, Contents: The syllabus is as follows : Strategy: Philosophy;Competition;Competitive Advantage Moments, cumulants, generating functions, characteristic function. Binomial, Poisson, Gaussian d, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning. ) Money Supply : Traditional Monetary Aggregates, New Monetary Aggregates, Velocity of, Contents: Refreshing of Wave Mechanics (small and finite amplitude wave theories) - Waves in shallow waters - shoaling, refraction, diffraction and breaking- Interaction curr, Contents: You get assignments from time to time and also the questions are standard.These courses are free. Instructional Objectives - On Tool Geometry - Interrelations Among The Tool Angles - Mechanism of Chip Formation - Orthogonal and Oblique Cutting - Use of Chip Brea, Introduction to the Study of Mechanical Measurement - Errors in Measurement -Propagation of Errors - Regression Analysis - Design of Experiments-Temperature Measurement - Over, Overview, Project Management, Project Appraisal, Basic Scheduling with A-O-A Networks, Linear Time-Cost Trade offs in Projects, Life Cycle of a Production System, Financial Ev, Refrigerant Compressors and Development, Fluid Flow, Air Cycle, Vapour Compression, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems, Compressor, Condensers, Evaporators, Expansion Dev, Introduction to Robotics, Industrial Robots, Actuators - Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Internal and external State Sensors, Trajectory planning, Forward Position Control, Im, Contents: Introduction - Parallel Programming Paradigms - Parallel Architecture - Open MP - Open MP&PRAM Model of Computation - PRAM - Models of Parallel Computation, Complex, Contents: India's No.1 Platform for Online Learning, Served more than 1.1 lakh Premium Users, Unique platform for students in higher education in India � Road Development Plans Introduction Equations to curves in the plane in terms of z and z* - The Riemann sphere and stereographic projection. Free Civil engineering online courses with video lectures and tutorials . please reply, is there any free video lectures on Staad pro20007 ( V8i) for design of concrete and steel structures. NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. Multivariate analysis is a fundamental concept in applied statistics. Solutions : solution models, regular, sub-regular, clust, Introduction to control problem - Basic Feedback Structure - Introduction to Control Problem - Dynamic Systems and Dynamic Response - Models of Industrial Control Devices and, Introduction to Power System Stability : Power System Operation and Control - Stability Problems faced by Power Systems - Impact on Power System Operation and Control - Analys, Approximate solution of boundary value problems-Methods of weighted residuals, Approximate solution using variational method, Modified Galerkin method, Boundary conditions and, Introduction : why do we need advanced machining processes (amps) - advanced machining processes - remarks - mechanical advanced machining processes : abrasive jet machining (, Contents: I had already sculpted a nice answer to this question. Learn from the Best Professors. Fundamental Concepts of Fluid Flow: Fundamental definitions, Flow characteristics, Classification of fluids, Fluid properties, Foundations of flow analysis - Fluid Statics: Introduction to Open Channel Flow: Difference between Open Channel Flow and Pipe Flow, Types of Channel, Geometric parameters of a channel, Classification of Open Channel Flow, Modes of Transportation, their importance and limitations, the importance of highway transportation Your favorite courses available for certification! Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: wave particle duality, uncertainty principle, standing waves, stationary states, atomic orbitals, path integrals and random walks, Introduction and Basic concept of green catalysis - Solid acids and bases as catalysts , Application of catalyst functionality concepts for control of reaction selectivity a, Contents: Quasicrystals - Language and Arbitrariness, Language and Dialect - E vs I Language, Language as a rule governed system -, Introduction to Business Analysis for Engineers - Introduction to Accounting - Accounting Principles - Balance Sheet Fundamentals - Accounting Principles - Introduction to Inc, Introduction and Overview - Fundamentals of Vector Spaces - Basic Dimension and Sub-space of a Vector Space - Introduction to Normed Vector Spaces - Examples of Norms,Cauchy S, Introduction - First Order systems - Classification of Equilibrium points - Lipschitz Functions - Existence uniqueness theorems - Existence uniqueness of solutions to differen, Introduction to Materials Chemistry - Preparative routes: Conventional - Precursor technique - Preparative routes: Un Conventional � Soncochemistry technique,Combustion techni, What is Flying - Mythology - History of Aviation - Ballons - Leonardo da Vinci - First Powered Flight - Rockets - Features - Applications - History of Rockets - William Congre, Introduction to Physiology : Cell & General Physiology - Membrane Physiology, Nerve and Muscle - The Heart - The Circulation - The Kidneys and Body Fluids - Blood Cells, Immun, Historical Perspective - Emerging of MEMS - Emergence of BioMEMS - Micro/ Nano-systems - On Size and Scale! Vector Analysis General Introduction to Patterning; Lithography Techniques, Applications of Patterned thin films. The course will be taught as a first cour, (a) Course Design Rationale The Rationale and objective of the courses to impart to the student: An understanding of the theory and principles of Organization Management and t, This course provides a broad overview of investment management, focusing on the application of finance theory to the issue faced by portfolio managers and investors in general, This course will teach a focused managerial strategy of process improvement and variation reduction called Six Sigma, a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. NPTEL, IIT Electrical Engineering Video Lectures, Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training - IIT Video Courses and Video Lectures Mathematics Video Lectures / Tutorials Mod-2 Lec-22 Fourier Integral&transform Method For Heat Equation Mod-2 Lec-6 Euler-cauchy Theorem Mod-1 Lec-3 Cauchy's Integral Theorem Mod-1 Lec-4 Cauchy`s Integral Formula Mod-2 Lec-4 Linear Differential Equation Of Second Order-part-1 Mod-2 Lec-26 Adi Method For Laplace And Poisson Equation Mod-2 Lec-25 Numerical Method For Laplace Poisson … Introduction to broadband digital communication,Introduction to broadband digital communication,Serializers and deserializers,Forgot to hit "record"!,CMOS logic, si. Click on any course to view the Video Lectures. Waves : Classification of water wa, Contents: Concrete production process also forms a part of t, For an autonomous agent to behave in an intelligent manner it must be able to solve problems. India's No.1 Platform for Online Learning, Served more than 1.1 lakh Premium Users, Unique platform for students in higher education in India H-110, Sector: 63, Noida-201301, how to download these videos plzzz tell the processs. What is Language? Basics of plasmas : Plasma as a state of matter, Debye length, plasma frequency, collisions, dc conductivity, ac conductivity. Introduction to heat transfer - General heat conduction equation -One dimensional steady state conduction in rectangular coordinate,cylindrical and spherical coord, Basic computing - discretization numerical errors - coputations of ODE - solving stiff equation through orthoganization - relationship between computing and science - mileston, Contents: Introduction: Geologic Mapping and Remote Sensing: NPTEL Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. NPTEL Video Lectures By Discipline - Browse through the Web & Video Lectures of various Engineering & Science Courses By your Branch. Soil Compaction; Laboratory compaction; Factors affecti, Strength of Materials is a fundamental subject needed primarily for the students of Mechanical sciences. It discusses the philosophy of AI, and how to model a new problem as an AI problem. Problem Decomposition By Recursion This video includes adjustments to the side and also the nosepads. Introduction (DM) : Introductory Remarks,A Historical Perspective,An Overview of Modern Iron and Steelmaking,Energy in Iron and Steel Industry,Environmental, Health, Contents: o Constitutive, BASIC SURVEYING or GEOINFORMATICS Introduction - Mechanical vibration: Linear nonlinear systems, types of forces and responses - Conservative and non conservative systems, equilibrium points, qualit, Basic facts about maxima and minima - Examples and modeling - Mathematical Prerequisites - Optimality conditions for Unconstrained Optimization - The Steepest Descent Method -, Introduction to system Design - Engineering systems Classification & examples - Modern System design processes - Six functions of design process - Tools for enabling creative, Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics - Longitudinal Dynamics - Tire Mechanics � An Introduction - A Simple Tire Model - Lateral Dynamics - Mimuro plot for lateral transient respon, INTRODUCTION : Introduction To Organometallic Chemistry;C1 LIGANDS AND SIMPLE REACTIONS : Metal carbonyl complexes - Metal carbonyls �Part II - Ligand substitution reactions -, Introduction - Alphabet, Strings, Languages, Finite Representation of languages, Regular Expressions - Context-free Grammars (CFGs) -Formal definition, sentential forms, leftm, Introduction to the Course Contents - Linear Equations - Equivalent Systems of Linear Equations I: Inverses of Elementary Row-operations - Equivalent Systems of Linear Equatio, Course introduction and overview - Distributed generation technologies - Distributed storage technologies - Distribution system protection - Circuit breaker coordination - Sym, Introduction - Atmosphere-A brief survey (Pressure, Temperature and Chemical composition,Vertical structure of the atmosphere and The Earth system) - Oceans The Earth system a, Introduction of the Course - What is linguistics? Probability: Classical, relative frequency and axi, The objective of this course is to introduce those real life problems which can be formulated as Linear Programming Problems ( LPP ). The Fundamentals of Managerial Economics : Goals and Constraints - The Nature and Importance of Profits - Understanding Incentives - Economic rationality, Scarcity, Contents: NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Overview of the course, practical applications and research trends,Harmonic and periodic motions, vibration terminology. Friction and its Applications I had already sculpted a nice answer to this question. Sir i want learn internet technology by computer lectures, i want lectures of aerodynamics in aero space engineering, i need chapter 5 -CAD STANDARD like wise STAP,IGES,PDES,PHIGS etc,……..could you pls upload those section …. Along with your study material With that, there are PDF files available to download as. Introduction : RF systems � basic architectures - Transmission media and reflections - Maximum power transfer In this course,  basic elements governed by bending, shear, axial forces or co, Contents: Introduction - transfering and transforming motion and force - kinematics - number synthesis - grubler formation - motion transfer links - kinematic inversion - mot, Introduction to basic of Mechanical Measurements - Three Groups Of Instruments - Details of Signals - Threshold And Its Examples - Sources of Error - Gear meshing - Field of m, Solid Mechanics - Analysis of stress and strain - Analysis of stress continued - Analysis of stress continued - Shear Stress - Graphical Solution � Mohr�s Stress Circle - Illu, Introduction, Raster Graphics, Polygon Filling, Windowing and Clipping, 2D Transformations, 3D Transformations and Projection, Hidden Surface Removal, Galerkins Approach, 1D F, Design and Manufacturing, Engineering Materials, Simple Stresses and Compound Stresses in Machine Elements, Design For Strength, Design of Fasteners, Design Of Keys and Spline. Environmental Quality and Pollution: Air-Water quality parameters, units for. L, Introduction - Compressibility of Fluids; Compressible and Incompressible Flows; Perfect Gas Equation of State; Calorically Perfect Gas - One Dimensional Flows � Basics Gove, Analytic functions of a complex variable:Complex numbers. Status for March/April 2019 exam: Check the status of 31 st March Exam Results; Check the status of 27/28 th April Exam Results With that, the platform managed to introduce a number of different free online courses regarding different discipline so that whoever visits the website is able to find the course of his/her choice. NPTEL offers free online classes for the Engineering students during the COVID19 lockdown period. is there any lecture on holographic display?? Plasma production and measurements : Contents: Canonical Quantization : General Formulation. You have to join that course when it’s under re-run. Introduction - Estimation of Flow Patterns - Flow Pattern Maps Fascinating Taylor Bubbles - Definitions and Common Terminologies - Simple Analytical Models - The Ho, Contents: youtube-dl is a good tool to download a whole playlist from youtube. Truncation error, deriving finite difference equations - Single step methods for I order IVP- Taylor series method, Euler m. Loads on Offshore Structures:Wind Loads; Wave and Current Loads; Calculation based on Maximum base Shear and Overturning Moments; Design Wave heights and Spectral Definition; Supply Chain Networks:Introduction to Global Supply Chain Networks - Zara- fast fashion;Introduction to Supply Chain Ecosystem:The Supply Chain Eco-System Framework - Supply C, Introduction to VLSI Design - Combinational Circuit Design - Programmable Logic Devices - Programmable Array Logic - Review of Flip-Flops - Sequentional Circuits - Sequentiona, Definition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning:History of Refrigeration and Air conditioning:History from conceptual point of view:Ice production by nocturnal cooling in anc, Radiation, colour, eye & vision; different entities of illuminating systems; Light sources: daylight, incandescent, electric discharge, fluorescent, arc lamps and lasers; Lumi, Illustration of the CFD approach; CFD as an engineering analysis tool - Derivation of flow governing equations - Initial and boundary conditions; wellposedness - Turbulence mo, Introductory Concepts - Viscosity - Surface Tension and Fluid Statics - Fluid Under Rigid Body Motion - Fluid Kinematics - Dynamics of Inviscid Flows - Integral Forms of Contr, Introduction - Market Equilibrium: Demand and Supply - Elasticity of Demand - Demand Forecasting - Production - Exercises on Economics - Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships - Cos, INTRODUCTION: Ground water utilization & historical background, ground water in hydrologic cycle, ground water budget, ground water level fluctuations & environmental influenc, Basics:Prologue � Introduction to the course - Science, Engineering and Technology of Materials;Microstructure:Atomic Bonding - Structure of Solids - Movement of Atoms - Dev, Set Theory:Introduction to the theory of sets; combination of sets; power sets; finite and infinite sets; principle of inclusion and exclusion; selected problems from each top, Thermodynamics and the Chemical Industry - James Prescot Joule and the first law - Sadi Carnot and the second law - Equilibrium and Extrema in work - Illustrative Calculation, Inertial Frames, Universality of Newton's second law in all inertial frames, Classical Relativity, Does universal rest (ether) exists - Michelson Morley Experiment - Postulate. Morphology of design with a flow chart. Nano Quasicrystals Properties of Surface, Contents: Introduction - Historical Development of Helicopters - Helicopter Configuration - Control Requirements - Types of Rotor Systems - Basic Power Requirements. Linear Neural networks, Non linear system analysis, Adaptive learning rate, Fuzzy Logic Control, Neural Model of a Robot manipulator, Adaptive neural control, Linear controlle. Contents: Passive RLC Networks : Parallel RLC tank, Q - Series, Contents: Introducing Ergonomics, Welcome and content details - Discipline approach: Ergonomics/ Human factors - Human physical dimension concern - Posture and movement - Beh, Contents: Different types of geosynthetics : Types of ge, Manufacturing and Manufacturing Systems - Manufacturing Trends and Challenges - Manufacturing Aspects, Selection and Classification - Description and Taxonomy of the Mfg. Field Surveying- definition & objectives; concept of Geoid a, Introduction to Water & Waste Water Engineering - Water and WasteWater Quality Enhancement - Water and WasteWater Quality Estimation - Water and WasteWater Characteristics - W, Precipitation, Infiltration and Evapotranspiration