Direct link formatting thanks to /u/FereMiyJeenyus and their web scraper! Basically it turns a small graveyard into a one-card graveyard pretty efficiently. .scgtour-ad { Derrick Davis won the Pioneer Classic with Sultai Delirium – a deck that didn’t make the elimination rounds of the Open despite it being the second-most played deck – while not worrying about facing Dimir Inverter as the deck didn’t make the Top 8 in the Sunday event. What will thrive in Historic? By last weekend Dimir Inverter put itself back on the map by winning the Pioneer Super Qualifier, but even more startling was the deck just behind it in the Top 4 (there only because its pilot conceded the semifinals to the winning player): an 80-card Dimir Inverter deck adapted to support Yorion, Sky Nomad. Exiling your library and replacing it with your graveyard is a risky plan in normal games of Magic, but Dimir Inverter doesn’t play normal games. Working with some of the brightest young minds in American Magic, Oliver Tiu, Oliver Tomajko, Max Mick, Noah Walker, Marcus Luong, and Roshen Eapen, we locked in Dimir Inverter and did not look back. I went with Infinite Obliteration at the PT because it doesn’t get hit by Mystical Dispute and doesn’t let the opponent draw cards if it snags a creature in their hand, but Unmoored Ego and Lost Legacy each have their appeal. 4 Inverter of Truth 3 Thassa's Oracle. [Pioneer] PT testing 1 Dimir Inverter Combo - Duration: 1:55:55. They think…, Long gone are the days where turn one Glistener Elf was among the scariest starts…. Upvote 0. Sort of a Splinter Twin with even higher-quality individual creature components, Dimir Inverter looks like a worthy villain and a possible ban-worthy deck, given enough time for the best build to come out.. Why such an early and assertive call of a possible Tier 0 archetype? It is arguably the best deck in pioneer. This is one of the first strategies that came around when Pioneer first started picking up steam. In this video I break down the hottest new Magic the Gathering deck in Pioneer Dimir Inverter Combo! Upvote 0. Official blog for Card Kingdom, delivering Magic: The Gathering cards and supplies from Seattle to the world since 1999. Dimir Inverter is One of the Best Decks in Pioneer. Edit Live Edit. .scgtour-ad img { I also have more than a little bit of interest in Search for Azcanta as a half-Dig Through Time, half-Sky Diamond, despite others’ reservations about the card. (If you haven't heard of…, When most players hear about a Stompy deck, they think ridiculously large threats. Dig can also help you just play a control game by giving you both card advantage and selection, which is fairly rare in Pioneer. One solution is to stay straight two-color and get a little bit radical in deck construction, breaking a few rules: Yes, that is a 23-land deck. I'm hoping to rebuild an old favorite standard deck for pioneer: Azorius Heroic from Theros/Tarkir. Latest Set: Theros Beyond Death. I will argue that Dimir Inverter is the closest deck Modern has to Twin, even if the combos work differently. Dimir Inverter Ally Warfield 53rd Place at Star City Games Team Open on 2/1/2020 . Protecting Jace from creature attacks is especially important if you need to use him to combo off. As a two-color deck, Dimir Inverter has the option of playing utility lands. Drown in the Loch is one of the more versatile cards printed in recent memory; it’s essentially a split card with Counterspell//Terminate modes. Every time I run out a Thoughtseize and see an opponent with a Mystical Dispute, I look for an opportunity to cast a Dig Through Time with three mana untapped. It also basically kills the need to play around a single extraction effect on its own, offering a massive recursive body and awesome card draw in one card. It was built with a few principles in mind, some specific to the open-decklist format of the Players Tour, and turned out pretty close to perfect. While Thought Erasure costs more mana than Thoughtseize, it saves you two life, which could be relevant against aggressive strategies. Ross Merriam calls his shots for the Zendikar Rising Championship. Clearly, there’s still lots of room left to improve current Dimir Inverter decks, assuming WotC doesn’t drop a premature ban. It may end up being worth a copy as pseudo-land number 24 or 25. is still a great threat against Dimir Inverter that can guarantee damage and help bring them to dead before they get to combo kill you. While the combo is the deck’s primary win condition, Dimir Inverter can also function as a control deck. With four maindeck answers to enemy Jaces and four copies of our own, this list is never going to get outflanked in the Jace war. Sure, Lotus Field and Underworld Breach won the weekend in Phoenix, but Inverter has the tools to compete through any metagame and varied hate cards. What's the latest tech in Dimir Inverter Pioneer decks? TCGPlayer 423.51 - 375.07 . Dimir Inverter by Corey Burkhart. The concession here is the aggro matchup, because there are only three maindeck copies of Thassa’s Oracle. In all seriousness, there’s a rich vein of deckbuilding material to be mined and refined here with Inverter of Truth, multiple sub-archetypes and multiple ways to build each one. We’re reaching back a bit for this next one. Edit. Collective Brutality is the other one on my shortlist to include in the deck, likely replacing Essence Extraction or possibly supplementing the maindeck Thought Erasures. That’s about the bare minimum investment level it takes to play this fantastic game, and now you can play the best format for that same price. }. Drown in the Loch is an excellent pairing of both cards, and exactly the kind of answer Dimir Inverter is looking for. Dimir Inverter has returned to the elimination rounds of events with zachattack23 winning the Pioneer Super Qualifier with a classic 60-card build of the deck. } If you can believe it, Inverter of Truth is the worst card in the Dimir Inverter seventy-five! ... Pioneer Premier #12090331 on 02/15/2020 . I played Dimir Inverter in Pioneer and Dimir in both drafts, and despite loving my decklist, there were just a few missed chances, games that slipped out of reach despite what looked like a commanding advantage early on. It also shuts off opposing copies of Jace, Wielder of Mysteries in the mirror match, which is absolutely critical. Checkout Acquireboard. Dimir Inverter is One of the Best Decks in Pioneer. Omen of the Sea checks a couple boxes: it’s an instant-speed spell that provides card selection, and unlike Opt, it doesn’t go to your graveyard unless you sacrifice it. On the other hand, Mystical Dispute, despite its clear high power level, is not actually a mandatory four-of. It’s worth at least two slots, but in a metagame dominated by mirrors and Lotus Field, it’s fine to play three or even four copies. dimir inverter of truth Pioneer UB (Dimir) Burnman. Its presence on the battlefield is a major constraint to opponents, and it’s really difficult to remove. Blending two powerful decks is often a shortcut to breaking a format, and Uro is busted in its own right. After all, metagames can correct, right? The key difference is that Thassa’s Oracle costs two mana, so you can have a clean turn six win provided you have blue devotion equal to or greater than the number of cards in your graveyard. It’s okay. After realizing the amazing synergy between Ordeal of Thassa and Lurrus, it seemed like it could be a great budget deck to get into the format. The Unexpected Success Of Azorius God-Pharaoh’s Gift In Historic. How will Cedric finish? Decklist Stats Sample Hand. It’s just good honest double-coverage in a deck that needs some mid-game countermagic to protect itself from the other powerful things going on in Pioneer. Not so with a single Coax from the Blind Eternities in the sideboard. WU control: faradan. Pioneer has to be next on the list, right? Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is both a win condition and a source of consistent card advantage in this deck. Auto-suggestions. Both decks were incredibly powerful, but both had a secret issue with flooding out in long games. If control and combo start to dominate Pioneer, this will become the standard, but in a format where Mono-Red Aggro and Mono-Black Aggro are premier decks, it’s important to play four copies of the card. Both Thassa’s Oracle and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries can win the game once your library is empty, but Inverter is really the only way to enable them. While most sorcery-speed cantrips are more powerful, Opt allows you to use your mana effectively in a deck with a higher density of instants. As always, if you agree with my assessment, think I missed something, or just want to leave general feedback, you can find me on Twitter at @RappaciousOne! Fabled Passage is a good way to both fix your mana and turn on revolt to let Fatal Push tackle slightly larger threats. Last weekend, we saw the first round of Regional Players Tour events in Brussels and Nagoya. The monster from Pioneer named Dimir Inverter. CardHoarder 127.25 TIX. These decks were all about $20. It becomes a small subgame, minimizing the impact of this card by letting the game develop. It’s not going to be done in a day, but this is where Pioneer is truly breakable. Without open decklists, it’s less appealing to have an Extraction effect in our sideboard, though it’s still a fine inclusion in our deck with so much card selection. The big-mana ramp decks also don’t have a ton of disruption or a fast clock, which means they have to hope that the Dimir player simply can’t find the combo in time. Better is Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, which is excellent against control matchups, combo matchups, and Bant Spirits. Of course, we’re set up well to fight the biggest boogeymen of the format in the mirror match and Lotus Breach. Bryan Gottlieb sorts contenders from pretenders as he reviews the latest Zendikar Rising Standard innovations from the SCG Tour Online. By leveraging more cheap cantrips, we are justified in shaving lands, and we are all the more likely to draw action spells in the mid-game. Dig Through Time may not be a combo piece in this deck, but it’s an indispensable combo enabler. Even competent players love to use hyperbole to describe it as everything from “textless garbage” to “flexible and playable,” but no one admits how critical it is as coverage for both Lotus Breach and the aggro decks, while offering the critical ability to lock out a mirror match opponent in the late-game. Dimir Inverter is a combo-control deck that aims to exile its library with Inverter of Truth and then win with either Thassa’s Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. Fatal Push sees play in almost every interactive black deck in Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy. The “Surveil 1” ability is occasionally nice, too. It’s hard to find a powerful early-game counterspell that has utility later on; an otherwise useless Censor can easily turn into a cantrip to help find combo pieces or more effective disruption. It packs plenty of interactive elements, such as Thoughtseize, Fatal Push, Censor, and Drown in the Loch to keep opponents off balance. width:700px; Games Done Quick Recommended for you. But I have a burning desire to keep playing Pioneer, at least as long as Inverter of Truth is a legal card. Playtest v1. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. I played Dimir Inverter in Pioneer and Dimir in both drafts, and despite loving my decklist, there were just a few missed chances, games that slipped out of reach despite what looked like a commanding advantage early on. Spirits, Mono-Black Aggro, and smaller versions of Mono-Red can cross the finish line before a Thassa’s Oracle shows up to ruin their fun. Yes, of course it gets embarrassed against Dig Through Time and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath. Dimir Inverter was the deck to beat in both events, and things didn’t go spectacularly well for those attempting to do so — Inverter took six of the sixteen potential Top 8 slots between both events.