Pocket Knives since 1838 Lifetime Pocket Knives Guarantee since 1838 Taylor’s Eye Witness Limited, Sheffield, UK Tel: +44 (0)114 272 4221 Fax: +44 (0)114 275 4187 Email: [email protected]taylors-eye-witness.co.uk Website: www.taylors-eye-witness.co.uk Taylor’s Eye Witness was founded by John Taylor in the early part of the 19th Century. Heinnie Haynes is the UK’s premium source for all your folding blade knives. Sheffield, the City of Steel, has a tradition of knife making dating back to the 14th century, and Taylor’s Eye Witness have been fine exemplars of the local skills for over 150 years. Price - £200.00. Hand-cast in Germany and coated with the finest PTFE coatings. nice old taylors eye witness lambs foot vintage pocket knife, made in sheffield this is in good used vintage condition, some signs of use and wear, the blade was probably thicker once, however its a good sturdy knife with plenty of life left in it. Visit our international site: Taylor’s Eye Witness have been making knives for over 150 years in its Sheffield factory and continue to manufacture kitchen knives, scissors and pocket knives in Sheffield, the original City of Steel. For this reason, they are often found in rescue knives and military knives. Taylor's Eye Witness Amboyna Burr pocket knife. Write a review. My father-in-law collected knives for most of his 99 years. Because of the straight cutting edge, Lamb Foot blades are often preferred for wood carving. As the blade back does not taper towards the point, it is also stronger than many other blade shapes. Sheffield Knives Joseph Rodgers Lambsfoot Stainless. If you are visiting from outside the UK, the Taylor's Eye Made in ENGLAND Good used condition. Sheep Foot blades are wider, found in UK military issue folding knives and stockman's knives. More Info. Lambs Foot or Sheeps Foot Knives have been manufactured in Sheffield, England for over 140 years, according to historic product catalogues. Product Code: Brass linings. Taylors Eye Witness also produce various models with Sheffield stainless blade. Taylor's Eye Witness Buffalo Barlow pocket knife. This website is mostly for our United Kingdom customers. f: +44 (0)114 2754187. Lamb Foot, which tend to have a slimmer blade profile. Patterned backspring carried onto the blade. Taylor's Eye Witness Mother of Pearl Barlow pocket knife. Taylors Eye Witness Endurance Lambsfoot Pocket Knife 741R Hand made in Sheffield England, Taylors Eye Witness knives have a lifetime guarantee against defects when used under normal conditions. each knife. 7 1/4”. Only 2 left! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 February 2018. Taylor's Eye-Witness Lambfoot Folding Pocket Knife 85mm Local Delivery Only. Sap is by Greenman Leather with a Saddleback leather card holder. Jun 17, 2016 - Pocket Knives Lambfoot and Sheep Foot pocket knife blades have rounded tips they are safer to use and make good work knives As the blade back does Daha fazla bilgi Taylors Eye Witness Sheffield 1897 Catalogue Page 1 Pocket knife with a lambsfoot blade. We are proud to be Kai distributors to the UK and Ireland. Taylor's Eye Witness. We design, develop and distribute knives, scissors and kitchen tools under the Veritable Sabtier and Sabatier Professional brands. A Lambsfoot knife with stag grip, the blade stamped Lockwood Brothers Sheffield, a Taylors Eye Witness pruning knife the blade stamped Taylor Eye Witness with stag horn grip, together with a pruning knife with stag horn grip fitted a corkscrew and with detachable blade . Lovely slabs of Mother of Pearl fitted with a stamped steel bolster and a mirror polished stainless steel clip blade 2.25 inches long. What we don’t know about knives, scissors and pocket knives isn’t worth knowing! Price - £155.00. Sam Turner & Sons. Lambsfoot & Sheepfoot blades have rounded tips, are safer to use and make good work knives. it has the taylors eye makers mark on it but the According to their catalogues the target demographic included: 'Farmers, fishermen, artisans, weavers, horticulturalists and hunters'. SOLD FOR £65. The Taylors Eye Witness Company, Sheffield, England produced a product catalogue in 1897 which illustrated nine different models of Sheep Foot and Lamb Foot pocket knives. We stock a massive range of non-locking and UK friendly EDC knives, as well as having huge stocks of various locking knives including liner locks, frame locks and back locks. Product Code: Different handle scale options for each model included, stag horn, buffalo horn, bone, cocoa wood and boxwood. Made by Taylor's Eye Witness, this is in our opinion the best Barlow pattern pocket knife currently being made. England, sales@taylors-eye-witness.co.uk The Endurance lamb foot pocket knife has a 7cm … © Copyright 2017-2020 BG Macadam All rights reserved, Lamb Foot 14 Pocket Knife Taylors Eye Witness Knives Imitation Stag Handle, Sheep Foot Blade Pocket Knife 18 Imitation Stag Handle Eye Witness Knives Sheffield, Folding Knife Otter Messer Knives Anchor Carbon Steel Pocket Penknife Grenadilla Wood 174ML, Folding Knife Otter Messer Knives Stainless Anchor Pocket Penknife Grenadilla Wood 174RML, Taylors Eye Witness Knives Lambfoot Pocket Knife Hardwood Handle, Pocket Knife Carbon Steel Folding Sheep Foot Penknife Bubinga Wood Loewen Messer Knives 1050, Farmers Folding Pocket Knife Rosewood Carbon Steel A. Wright Knives 70W, A Wright Pocket Knife Lamb Foot Rosewood A Wright Knives Sheffield 31W, A Wright Pocket Knife Large Lambfoot Rosewood A Wright Knives Sheffield 33W, Wharncliffe Pocket Knife Taylors Eye Witness Ettrick Blade Imitation Stag, Lamb Foot Blade Pocket Knife Synthetic Red Handle Eye Witness Knives Sheffield 841. Quantity. Taylor's eye witness barlow. Unit price / per . In addition they can be used with the thumb resting on the spine of the blade. by Taylors Eye Witness. In absolute terms I would prefer to buy British (naturally) but the reality is that the three British made knives I own (two A Wright &Sons Barlow knife, British Army Lock Knife, and one Taylors Eye Witness Barlow knife) are in all respects inferior to my Rough Riders. Post by Rockman0 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:59 pm Got this one in recently. Taylors Eye Witness was founded by John Taylor in the early years of the 19th Century as designers and producers of kitchen knives, pocket knives, scissors and sharpeners. Price - £130.00. The straight edge of the lambsfoot blade was, as the name hints, designed for trimming lamb/sheep's feet. Tradition Farmers folding pocket Knife. Ombre Knives in Vegetarian Living Magazine, Taylor’s Eye Witness Unveils New Sheffield Facility. Taylor's Eye Witness Lambsfoot Small by Taylors Eye Witness Price: R500.00 & FREE Delivery in South Africa. زيارة تايلور العين الدولية الشاهد على الانترنت ... Besuchen Sie Augenzeuge der Website des Internationalen Taylor... Visite el sitio Web de ojos Testigo Internacional de Taylor... Visitez le site Web d'oeil internationale de Taylor... 1913 – 2013 The Stainless Steel Centenary. Guilty of Treeson Recommended for you t: +44 (0)114 2724221 Tax included. Price - £130.00. 5 Parkway Close Made by Taylor's Eye Witness, this is in our opinion the best Barlow pattern pocket knife currently being made. The lambsfoot and clip in the same frame is seldom found now days. Taylor’s Eye Witness Folding Pocket Knife MARKED: SHEFFIELD Overall length with blades open. Taylor’s Eye Witness penknives, farmer’s knives and stock knives have been a treasured possession throughout the world for over 150 years and are still made by hand in Taylor’s Eye Witness… Sheffield Sharpening Knife on a Whetstone with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada. This is the classic single blade version with a long nickel bolster and a chunky handle tapered to the bolster end. Farmers Knives at Taylors Eye Witness These mostly single bladed knives are still used by the sheep farmers of rural Britain. Blade length: 9 cm Knife length: 19 cm ... Quénet's Outdoor Classic Pocket Knives Classic Pocket Knives Taylor's Eye Witness Lambsfoot Large Taylor's Eye Witness Lambsfoot Large. This 2 blade pattern was imported to Australia, it was called a stockmans knife. Taylor's Eye Witness knives have a lifetime guarantee against defects when used under normal conditions. The “Eye Witness” Trademark was first registered in 1838 – the inspiration for the choice of “Eye Witness” is believed to be Shakespeare’s line in Henry IV – “No eye hath seen better”. Patterned backspring carried onto the blade. More Info. Still located at Eye Witness Works, Milton Street, Sheffield, the Company continues to supply pocket knives to livestock farmers around the UK and also exports to Australian 'Jackaroo' workers. The world’s leading Super Premium knife brand. There is less chance of slippage, as there is no curve in the blade. SOME RUST ON CHROME. The pocket knife blades' cutting edges measure between 2.3" and 3" inches in length for ease of carriage, storage and use (full blade length may be longer but includes the portion of the knife blade that forms part of the hinge inside the bolstered section; the cutting edge lengths will be shorter and within the legal permit to be carried by responsible persons under the age of 18). In addition they can be used with the thumb resting on the spine of the blade. The Endurance lamb foot pocket knife has a 7cm … More Info. 5.0 out of 5 stars Solid knife. A pocket knife or folding knife is a small folding knife that can be carried in your pocket - as the name indicates. Feb 21, 2018 - Explore UK Legal Knives's board "Best Lamb Foot Pocket Knives" on Pinterest. Details. Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef Recommended for you These blades have rounded, unsharpened ends and perfectly straight cutting edges. This is reflected in the price. Details. Featuring an 'Imitation Stag Handle', flat grind and a carbon steel blade. SKU: TW-16. Today we have five strands to our business: Fine quality kitchen knives, scissors, pocket knives, professional trade knives and sharpeners from the Steel City. Composite grips enclose a single carbon steel blade. 0 Comment Report abuse Scott. Witness International site may be easier to use. Please see photos for best description. As there is no sharp point, Lamb Foot and Sheep Foot knives are safer to use. S9 4WJ ... Brass EDC items including Kaweco Supra and Lilliput fountain pens, peanut lighters, compass, brass mercator knife, and Taylors Eye Witness and Wright and Rodgers Sheffield knives. WORLD'S BEST TREE FELLING TUTORIAL! The blade is firm and opens with a good snap. See more ideas about Pocket knife, Pocket, Folding pocket knife. 5 Parkway Close Sheffield S9 4WJ England. It has no spring or snap when closing. Sep 14, 2013 - BUY POCKET KNIVES & PENKNIVES, Folding Penknife Knife, For Sale, Free UK delivery, Collectors Knives, Carbon Steel penknives,Case Knives, Taylors Eye Witness Sheffield, Loewen Messer, Otter Messer Saved from uk-legal-knives.com. Hand made in Sheffield by skilled craftsmen Lifetime guarantee. Taylor's Eye Witness Ramshorn Barlow pocket knife. Jan 13, 2017 - Taylors Eye Witness Sheffield 1897 Catalogue Page 2. . [email protected]taylors-eye-witness.co.uk t: +44 (0)114 2724221 f: +44 (0)114 2754187 Brass linings. Helpful. I am not familiar with knives, but have been trying my best to do research on the Internet. The boys on the porch at BF educated me. Taylor's Eye-Witness Lambfoot Folding Pocket Knife 85mm.