The Taisin Ice Ball Mold from Japan allows you to make perfectly seamless ice spheres in seconds, cooling alcohol while not diluting it due to the reduced surface area of the sphere. Add to cart Details. About the product: - Unlike stiff plastic ice cube molds, our flexible ice trays are made of 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE, and our sphere ice molds can be used through a wide temperature range from -40℃ to 230℃. Ice cube molds can be molded to feature any shape, such as spheres or squares, and molds that produce ice balls have become a popular choice. Peak Ice Works makes a ton of different ice cube molds and trays, and this mold produces four 2.5-inch spheres. Sphere Ice Molds won't tip or leak in the freezer! Add to cart Details. I've bought numerous ice molds and these are one of the best. While standard ice cubes quickly dilute drinks, large ones melt slowly to chill evenly. Our Sphere Ice Molds are the ultimate way to keep your drinks cooler for longer. Premium: If you’re looking for a fancier option and don’t mind spending the extra cash, Japanese ice molds will set you back at least $300 . FEATURES: Makes 2.5" ice balls (6.35 cm) Freezes ice balls in 4-6 hours Stackable to conserve space Leak-proof & Easy to fill Dishwasher Colossal Cube Ice Molds – Set of 2 $ 0.00. Highball Ice Molds – Set of 2 $ 0.00. The tray is made from silicone, which means it’s flexible and won’t break from constant freezing and thawing. Custom ice ball trays are a unique promotional swag corporate giveaway product that provides long term brand exposure. Use ice balls for everything from craft cocktails to a planetary-themed party punch. What is an ice sphere maker? Our Bloxx jumbo colossal ice cube tray makes 6 ice … Our thoughtfully-designed molds are easy to fill, and the ice pops right out when it’s fully frozen. Having all of the equipment on … Add to cart Details. So, we suggest inviting over a friend, but because we're huge supporters of efficiency (and a good time! Our seamless silicone ice molds produce 2" diam. Stackable design enables compact storage. How to use ice ball molds, tips and tricks. You see, it’s about volume and surface area. The unique Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds balance the art and science of slow-melting homemade ice. Search terms: ice sphere, ice ball, ice tray, ice molds, round ice. This tray makes four large ice spheres, ideal for chilling cocktails, juice & more. Super simple to use and only requires water. Glacio’s BPA free, silicone molds are 100% safe and effective at freezing liquids like fruit juice, soup, and even baby food. Easy Filling and Transfer. Emboss your logo so that your logo gets impressed into the ice ball! $9.99 Sale $19.99 Reg $8.49 when you use. ice spheres that add top-shelf style while cooling your favorite beverages. Find in Store. Ice balls are fun and easy to make. When the water in the bottom portion freezes, it expands and creates cloudy ice… 53 - $9.90 $ 9 . Rated 4.29 out of 5 $ 0.00. Set of two. Food Network™ Silicone Sphere Ice Mold by Food Network . Sphere-shaped ice is ultra-slow melting so it keeps your favorite cocktails chilled longer. Sphere Ice Tray, $16 at Each silicone mold easily releases a 2" diam. Why should you use the Ice Ball Mold? - There are 2 pack set ice molds. Unlike stiff plastic ice molds that just don’t let go, simply push on the bottom of our flexible, non-stick molds and the spheres slide out in perfect shape. While the idea of spherical ice is exciting all by itself, the packaging for the molds makes several bold claims about the properties of spheres. Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds; Rubbermaid 10 qt. I've been on a quest for clear ice for about 18 months, so happy I found your ice chest, I tried just about EVERYTHING. Not only are Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds a fun … The plastic used is 100 BPA free, and FDA approved. Spheres of ice are preferred because the smaller surface area means the ice melts slower, keeping drinks cold without becoming too diluted. Independent Cubes. Round ice helps solve this problem. Home > Frozen > Ice Molds. Tovolo Leak-Free, Slow-Melting 2.5-Inch Sphere Ice Molds With Silicone Sealed Lid, Anti-Tip, Set of 2 Stackable Molds for Whiskey, Spirits, Liquor, Cocktails, Soda & … The Original Whiskey Ball Sveres Clear Ice Sphere Ball Molds Maker Trays - Great for classic cocktails, whiskey and scotch silicone mold. I'm about to order another one for my boss, who I just learned is also on a quest for clear ice. You Might Also Like. Mid-range: Molds made of stainless steel, single molds for spherical ice, or molds in novelty shapes cost $10 to $30. 34 INCH MARSHMALLOW ROASTING STICKSSet Of 6 Multicolored, Rotating, Extendable SticksBuy from AmazonSilicone Ice Molds SetSphere Ice Mold & Big Ice Cube Trays NoveltyBuy from AmazonPocket Camping Survival Kit36 Inch Pocket Chainsaw – Emergency Hand Saw Kit & FirestarterBuy from Amazon SUMPRI is a leader in product quality and style. The Chillz Ice Ball maker is a mold that allows the making of up to four ice balls. The innovative and clever design gives you an approximate 3" sphere. I use double Old Fashion whisky glasses so the 2 inch ice cube molds are too small. Meltdown Is The Perfect Solution to Dilution Pollution. The Whiskey Rounders Ice Ball Maker is a great choice and makes six ice balls at once. An essential item for any whisky lover, this spherical ice mold can create four perfectly round, large ice balls, the perfect size for sitting in the bottom of a double rocks glass. Golf Ball Ice Molds – Set of 3 $ 0.00. An ice ball maker produces spheres of ice by using a special ice mold equipped with a rounded lid. And in a world of cubes, you can have a ball with Zoku’s Ice Ball Molds. Unique sloped internal molds produce full, seamless ice spheres, while high quality silicone construction provides stability, flexibility and easy release of each sphere. Perfect to accompany your next drink. Tovolo’s plastic-silicone molds pop out perfect, spherical circles of ice. Pop the mold together, fill with water, and 24 hours later you will have clear, 2.5-inch circular ice (for the clearest ice… seamless ice sphere. A New Age of Ice. How We Elevate Your Ice. The slow melting sphere will bring out the full flavor and add a splash of class to your next drink. The nice feature with this one is that the top molds are separate and a single ice ball can be removed as needed. No more imperfections. Victory Personal Cooler If you're new to the ice experiments on Alcademics, it might help to read the top stories linked to from the Index of Ice Experiments on Alcademics. The Ice Ball Mold is easy to use, has professional-grade quality, and makes perfectly seamless ice balls within seconds! Peak Ice Works is a collection of silicone ice trays with an internal steel frame, including the Everyday, Crushed, Sphere, Clear and Extra-Large Ice Trays. Like many on this list, the mold is dishwasher-safe. • Dual Ice Maker with Integrated Sphere Ice Molds: Dispensed from the door and located in the freezer compartment, the new LG InstaView™ refrigerator with Craft Ice™ automatically produces ice so you never run out. Silkprint your color logo onto the exterior ice mold for lasting brand impressing. Sphere Ice Molds – Set of 2. Giant ice cubes don’t just look cool, they also slow the dilution of your drink. Product Title Follure Round Ice Cube Ball Maker Sphere Molds for W ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $8.53 $ 8 . This means less drink dilution for the same amount of chill power. product details shipping & returns. I got the sphere mold, awesome. Join the high rollers with our chic Sphere Ice Molds. Half the mold is sturdy plastic and the other is flexible silicone to easily extract ice from the mold. THANKS (15% OFF) at checkout Quantity + Add to List. 90 Slow melting ice made with the Sphere Ice Molds quickly cools your cocktail without watering it down Set includes two molds Add to cart Details. For a bit over $ 10 you can make ice balls like this with Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds. Walfos Large Sphere Ice Mold Tray - Ice Sphere Maker - 2.5 Inch Big Silicone Round Ice Balls Molds for Whiskey, Cocktails, Bourbon -Easy Release & Food Grade by Walfos CDN$ 13.99 + CDN$ 5.54 shipping Get trays to the freezer without messy spills, thanks to our secure and stable frame design. Share your classy cocktails with a friend! The ice baller relies on the principle of directional freezing—that is, the ice sphere in the upper silicone mold freezes first and forces impurities into water resting in the stainless steel bottom portion of the device. This ice tray offers the ideal way to chill whisky, by keeping it cool for longer without over diluting the drink. The sphere is the perfect shape for the ice in your drink. Recently we acquired a set of spherical ice molds at the primary testing facility. A sphere exposes less surface area for the same amount of volume than a cube of ice. Enjoy a happy time drinking with friends! Even the act of making the sphere grabs attention from all around the bar as the mold presses together without electricity or heat, and makes a perfect shape for a drink “on the rock”. Each set of Sphere Ice Molds includes two ice-ball-making molds. The sphere molds are ideal compared to the cubes especially for whisky and this is the best large sphere mold I've found. ), we … This ice ball process is similar to the method using the insulated mugs and making ice blocks/cubes in a cooler: 6" x 6" Silicone Sphere Ice Mold - BPA Free, Dishwasher safe, Black Marble exterior design Also, great for infusing your drinks with herbs, fruits or vegetables. Our large ice cube tray creates 6 cubes that square ice molds at 2 inches each and round ice mold at 1.8 inches each. Compared to ice cubes, an ice sphere (ice ball), subjects 24% less surface area to the drink.