Bomanite install 1,800 square feet of Bomanite Grasscrete pervious concrete using At the time of installation, the owner was contemplating having half of the Grasscrete fully Concealed and the half closer to the building Partially Concealed., Premier Concrete Construction Receives Awards for Bomanite Grasscrete and Bomanite Toppings Residential Project, green alternative to standard concrete surfaces, Grasscrete System used for an Emergency Vehicle Access for Office Complex, Premier Concrete Construction Wins Gold for Backyard Grasscrete Pervious Concrete Solution, Bomanite Pervious Concrete Grasscrete System, Hope Fellowship Renovates with Bomanite Colored Polished Concrete and Grasscrete Pervious Concrete,,,,, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Auxiliary Building Grasscrete Pervious Access Road, Bomanite Toronto Designs an Award Winning Contemporary Backyard with Bomanite Sandscape Refined Exposed Aggregate, Bomanite Decorative Concrete Contractors Give Back to the Community, Texas Bomanite Installs Bomanite VitraFlor Sustainable Polished Concrete Floor for the New Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, Premier Concrete Services Provides Educational Element for Centennial Center Park with Bomanite Decorative Concrete Systems. The concrete then poured, leveled, broom finished, and allowed to dry. your own Pins on Pinterest Mixed grass with clover texture seamless 18244. Penick & Sons, Inc. worked with Wolcott Architecture to select the sustainable pervious concrete system that would work best with the intended use for the commercial development property. The main ... Show Seamless Textures Only. Typical traffic related specifications for Grasscrete can include: In addition to its ability to withstand traffic loads, Grasscrete is also massively used for projects in the water environment. Discover (and save!) evenings to complete the Bomanite Patène Teres polished concrete system on See more ideas about Photoshop textures, Texture, People cutout. The Partially concealed Grasscrete emergency fire truck lane creates a walkway between buildings providing greenspace for employees. The concrete finishes that were installed included 31,890 square feet of Class B exposure with Level 3 gloss Bomanite Patène Teres polished concrete flooring throughout the campus interior, along with 4,850 square feet of Patène Artectura dyed and sealed concrete and 2,820 lineal feet of joints filled with polyurea joint filler. The site is adjacent to the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial on the Tidal Basin and in a direct line between the Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and the Jefferson Memorial, symbol of liberty and democracy. The Partially Concealed Grasscrete installation minimizes the non-pervious surfaces and includes a letdown between the sidewalk and street to allow daily access for the Park Ranger and maintenance vehicles. Access around or to buildings for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles are typically concealed with grass and defined with curbs, bollards or landscaping to complement the design of the structures and walkways. In addition 1,300 sq. your own Pins on Pinterest Hope Fellowship is a 3-campus Bible Church located in Frisco (East campus and West campus) and in McKinney, Texas with services in Prosper, TX. The memorial honors Dr. King’s contributions to world peace through non-violent social change. Grass with chestnuts texture seamless 18246. The Grasscrete single-use molded pulp formers were shaped and laid on the sub grade at approx. several years in different construction phases throughout the main areas of the INDOOR / OUTDOOR PAVING TEXTURES RIVER STONE TILES DOWNLOAD. Bomanite Grasscrete is the green alternative to standard concrete surfaces providing a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable green product design used for emergency access lanes, delivery access routes, overflow parking areas, and for intermittent drainage channels that help prevent erosion. The backyard project incorporated 3,000 square feet of the Grasscrete System. The owners of this grand estate in Essex County, Massachusetts installed several Bomanite systems throughout their property. Grass with dry leaves texture seamless 18247. The office complexes at 16845 Von Karman Ave, Irvine California received an emergency vehicle access area that uses the Bomanite Grasscrete System. The backyard project incorporated 3,000 square feet of the Grasscrete System. They are completely free and can … Tested to flow rates in excess of 8 metres per second, this self-venting paving system is ideal for armouring the following:-. grasscrete. Grasscrete - cellular grassed paving in concrete or plastic Textures » ARCHITECTURE » PAVING OUTDOOR Concrete [443] Exposed aggregate [11] Flagstone [121] Hexagonal [64] Marble [82] Mosaico [43] Parks Paving [98] Pavers stone [507] Tactile [12] Terracotta [226] Washed gravel [50] and staff who utilize both the inside and outside of the building for classes, The Bomanite Broadcast Flake System utilizes Bomanite Florspartic 100 to create a highly durable, low maintenance surface and provides superior chemical resistance including gasoline, oil and de-icing salts. Grasscrete not only augmented the landscape architecture by handling the stormwater runoff but added benefit of a very long lifespan. Jan 10, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Lucy Fox. Archicad 18 Solo Build - … This type of construction offers significant structural advantages over precast concrete and plastic systems: The lightweight nature of the Grasscrete former moulds enables us to ship economically throughout the world. Premier Concrete Construction won the 2018 Bomanite Gold Award for Best Grasscrete Project. Paving Texture Free Paper Models Paving Pattern Cut Out People Architectural Materials Hardscape Design Photoshop Outdoor Flooring Tile … We share free seamless textures, 3d model and many 3D resources. PAVING STREET TEXURE SEAMLESS . 6 High resolution green grass textures (2048x2048 pixels) Here is a rather juicy collection of seamless green grass textures. Grasscrete - cellular grassed paving in concrete or plastic . Paving Texture. New fantastic paving outdoor cobblestone textures seamless . load bearing up to 40 tonnes gross vehicle weight, vehicle parking for daily or overspill use. The estate contains an indoor swimming pool, BBQ house, several patios and courtyards, a Barn and two garages, plus a full indoor basketball court that doubles as a Hockey Rink. 2,700 sq. Grasscrete can handle the harsh New England winters and has zero potential for freeze-thaw or clogging issues. The Design-Build team for the memorial to commemorate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. consisted of McKissack and McKissack, Turner Construction, Tompkins Builders and Gilford Corporation known as (MTTG). You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. with minimal daytime disruption. time. Quotes from Dr. King’s sermons and speeches capture the essence of his message in the commanding tenants of the American Dream – Freedom, Democracy, and Opportunity for All. A more eco-friendly and lightweight alternative to traditional GrassCrete type products, our range of truck grass paving grids are suitable for the creation of most types of HGV (heavy goods vehicle) parking or access roadway. The Grasscrete pour used a Buff Integral Color to provide a cohesiveness to the surroundings. sanctuaries and upgraded the church parking lot to a pervious Grasscrete stone filled Texas Bomanite has worked with Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco, Texas for The area is approx 2,000 square feet with the voids being planted with grass. Apr 8, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Sara Porttug Design. A perfect solution for this Artist Studio space. Because of its structural integrity and continuous reinforcing, Grasscrete is not subject to the differential settlement that can occur with precast blocks and thin plastic products. The Bomanite Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former System has been engineered to provide long-term durability, low maintenance and structural strength. Bomanite Licensed contractor, T.B. Two custom brown dye colors were selected by the architect to create a warm, earthy and inviting feel. Whether it be concrete or plastic pavers we have a choice available backed by design assistance and for UK projects our own Contracts Division. Grasscrete can be used as an exposed utilitarian product for functional applications or as a concealed system with vegetation such as grass or native ground cover installed over the concrete. Voids were created to put the final finishing touches on the entire project. Apr 8, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Michel Meunier. Disimpan oleh para_ architectural. The homeowner wanted a pervious cobblestone driveway for the tradesmen estate entrance. Small Architects, and Mycon, Texas Bomanite installed Bomanite polished colored Occasionally confused with pre-cast blocks Grasscrete is in fact a cast on site cellular reinforced concrete system with voids created by styrene void formers. impervious percentage and to allow for stormwater drainage. Sign up for free and download 15 free images every day! Here you can download pdf versions of our brochures, technical/laying guides and CAD details. Discover (and save!) Bomanite Licensee, Various graphic designs or patterns, such as logos, family crests, homeowners’ initials, favorite sporting team emblems may be incorporated into a Bomanite Broadcast Flake System. Total Pageviews: 288.653.968 About Sketchup Texture Contact us FAQ. SUDS compliant and with high percentage of open structure, our grass pavers create the ideal lorry surface. Apr 8, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by para_ architectural. The robustness of the system minimizes the potential for failure during critical use. church services, and gatherings. on numerous occasions to remain on schedule. The homeowner wanted a durable flooring surface for luxury as well as off-road vehicles. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website More info. medium (pixel 1024x1024) and high resolution ( pixel 2048x2048) download link. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial – Partially Concealed Grasscrete Access Road, Corporate Headquarters: 185 of 201 photosets. Grasscrete offers the ability to provide year-round access for a variety of applications requiring structural paving surfaces without compromising the aesthetics of the exterior landscaping. Concrete was poured and placed over the formers and then voids were opened after the concrete hardened, allowing for grass to be planted. The Bomanite Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former System has been engineered to provide long-term durability, low maintenance and structural strength. The sustainable Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former System, used for the office complex project, has been engineered and field proven to bear the continuous weight of up to 114,000 pound vehicles along with such customized applications as military tank use or light speed rail track access– even when the sub-base becomes saturated making this ideal for this Emergency Access area. Got it! A crew of 5 worked through the For more your own Pins on Pinterest Clover grass texture seamless … Discover (and save!) The church asked that the work be completed Mycon General Contractors brought in Texas Bomanite for several architectural This system allows you to mitigate drainage issues while maintaining strong structural integrity that allows for some of the heaviest vehicles to operate unencumbered. 303-369-1115 TEXTURES SLATE TILES Mixed grass with clover texture seamless 18245. Grasscrete has been used as an exposed utilitarian product for functional applications and as a concealed system with vegetation such as grass or native ground cover installed over the concrete allowing consumers to mitigate drainage issues while maintaining strong structural integrity for some of the heaviest vehicles to operate unencumbered. the biodegradable Molded Pulp Former and filling the voids with crushed stone the The residential backyard space, adjacent to an Artists/Musicians studio located in Massachusetts, required an access area to accommodate large delivery vehicles. Thanks in advance. This required Texas Bomanite to work overnight Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Grasscrete can handle the harsh New England winters and has zero potential for freeze-thaw or clogging issues. information about the project and systems used, please visit. When combined with its ability to withstand traffic, Grasscrete has a unique position in the field of Water Engineering. Jul 23, 2018 - Explore Celma Boa's board "Textures" on Pinterest. 7862 Winding Way, #2649 ft. to create the access for the service vehicles. Elsewhere around the world we have a network of licensees serving our grasscrete cast on site system that is still very much the leader in grass paving technology. criteria and requirements were met. building. Grasscrete was installed and is used for access to the back of the auxiliary building which houses the Martin Luther King Jr. bookstore, restrooms and a ranger station. Im not much good with photoshop so would be unable to make this ! challenge in this project was working around the schedule of the parishioners The Partially Concealed Grasscrete System provides the differential spacing you see with cobblestones giving the homeowner the look desired. Natural elements such as water, stone, and trees underscore the themes of justice, democracy, and hope. Premier Concrete Construction remedied the garage issue, and then installed the Bomanite Broadcast Flake Toppings System in a salt and pepper finish for two separate garage units combining a total of approx. ft. to the interior floors, the church was required to decrease the sites overall Fair Oaks, CA 95628,,,, and DOWNLOAD . is a website that offers digital pictures of all sorts of materials. Bomanite Broadcast Flake floors are multi-colored flakes encapsulated in high performance, two-component primer, body and top coats that give an architectural design and at the same time create a protective flooring system for long term use wear and tear. Grasscrete Concrete Ltd specialise in producing environmentally frindly, cellular grassed paving, grass roofs and retaining walls By having Texas A subbase was prepped to facilitate stormwater management via proper drainage and to create the outer forms of the project. system to accommodate the need for pervious requirements and stormwater management. Anyone have a grasscrete texture they would like to share? Grasscrete Grass reinforcement. Bomanite Licensee, Premier Concrete Construction, LLCwas contacted by the owner to provide a solution to a badly poured concrete garage foundation. The driveway needed to reflect the exterior design of the home and be able to handle storm water runoff. Bomanite Licensee, Premier Concrete Construction worked with the homeowner in planning out the space for the Bomanite Pervious Concrete Grasscrete System. Asphalt and Concrete Paving Company 803-242-0428 or 704-227-4136 or 803-628-0294 The combination of concrete, steel and aggregate interlock ensures that Grasscrete can bear isolated loads; such as downriggers placed in an emergency situation with no support blocks. Sketchup Texture Club is an educational comunity, a 3D art gallery that unites all CG artists. The Bomanite Broadcast Flake System contains zero VOC’s and is a fast track flooring system that can be applied over prepared concrete and suitable cementitious toppings to form a seamless surface ideal for residential and light commercial applications such as garage floors, basements, indoor recreational facilities, schools and light manufacturing. Flake color blends are available in several sizes and custom flake colors such as metallic and fluorescent shades, glow in the dark and silver sparkle deliver unlimited creativity. concrete for the floors of the lobbies, stairs, hallways, auditorium and Working with Next, the Molded Pulp Formers were placed with rebar for continual reinforcement. Apr 8, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Rain. The Partially Concealed Grasscrete System is engineered to provide long-term durability, low maintenance and structural strength. your own Pins on Pinterest Discover (and save!) 161. After working with Premier Concrete on the garage project and reviewing additional needs, the homeowner acquired Premier Concrete’s services for a Bomanite Pervious Concrete System. More importantly, it required a permanent solution for stormwater management and yet still maintain landscape aesthetics necessary to help nurture the creative minds of the occupants. The Church broke ground with the Frisco East campus in April 2017 and completed the expansion late 2018 that included renovating all of the children’s areas, adding a 1,700-seat auditorium and adding more ministries, such as Hope Students, Adventure Kidz, a recovery ministry and a marriage ministry. Occasionally confused with pre-cast blocks Grasscrete is in fact a cast on site cellular reinforced concrete system with voids created by styrene void formers. The centerpiece of the Memorial, the “Stone of Hope”, features a 30-foot likeness of Dr. King. concrete applications that needed updating at the Frisco campus. Premier Concrete Construction received Silver Awards for both the Best Bomanite Grasscrete Project and Best Bomanite Toppings Project. Grasscrete has been a Bomanite System for over 40 years with installations throughout North America in all climate types. Grasscrete, pervious concrete, constructed with one time use formers is time proven. Green synthetic grass sports field with white line texture seamless 18710. FOLLOW AND SHARE INDOOR / OUTDOOR PAVING.